The Importance Of Love

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Love, for many, is hard to describe, even for the most experienced writers because it has many different sides. Cleary says that love “helps us to engage more abundantly in life,” which means that love can help someone partake in the joys that life can provide. However, the ways in which one love and engages in life are based on their past experiences, precipitating their actions to be as well. Hence, love in the past can impact present romantic relationships in unpredictable ways. Falling in love may lead people to cheat on their already established relationships. Two writers, Wilde and London, approach the adulterous aspects of love in their works. Wilde writes a tale of two lovers: Isolde, who is married to the king, falls in love with Tristan and is emotionally unfaithful to her husband. Nearer to the start of the poem, Wilde writes, “One might note them at the feast/Laughing low to loving airs,/Loving airs that pleased them best;/or interchanging the swift glance/In the mazes of the dance” (25). The display of public affection illustrates the beginnings of their love. The assonance used makes it easier to follow the growth of the illicit love as Isolde is so enthralled by the romantic relationship with Tristan, she starts to grow emotionally unfaithful. Later in the poem, Tristan and Isolde’s love grows so much that they cannot see the negative sides of their relationship. She writes that their love is “never assailed by fears/Or steeped in repentant tears,/Or passed
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