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Abandoning one’s family could be devastating for some people, but for Mattia Pascal, it was a dream. In The Late Mattia Pascal, the main character, Mattia had lost everything from family to family fortunes multiple times. He went from having a large inheritance from his parent’s passing, to losing it all. He was the father of two daughters that passed away within seconds of each other, which occured on the same day as his mother’s passing. After this, Mattia’s remarries and finds that he is miserable in his new life because of his living environment with his wife and demanding mother in law. One night, he won a fortune at a casino, which was when he decided to construct a new identity for himself by abandoning his family and everything in …show more content…

Mattia/Adriano was found dead, which could have been disproved with today’s DNA screening technology. In addition to this fact, I think it would be difficult to simply leave, and take a new identity. A drastic change such as this one is a commitment to living a secret for the rest of one's life. If he ever wanted to advance in his life by pursuing a career or becoming someone recognizable by the public, he would find himself unable to do so. He would essentially be trapped in a life of false hopes and difficult barriers. At first, he he had seen his fortune as an opportunity for change for a better life, but it turned into a new life with empty promises. The moment he found a strong connection with someone else, he stopped himself from pursuing it because he felt guilt from the act he played during his time in his new “home”. This was not the life he intended to have for himself, but this is where his decision led …show more content…

However, this would require a series of steps to be taken. For example, in Mattia/Adriano’s case, he would have to get the courage to divorce his wife, rather than simply allowing them to to assume his death. In modern day, people are more encouraged to be themselves, and to do what makes them happy. Mattia/Adriano was unhappy with his life and as soon as he got the opportunity, he removed himself from the situation. Taking the time to do things the right way would have truly freed him from his

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