The Management Of Grief And David Foster Wallace's Good People

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Having a purpose to live with is one of the important things in life. It is significant because according to Viktor Frankl’s theory of logotherapy, he states that humans should be driven by the search of meanings. If one has a life purpose, it will motivate him or her to take actions, pursue dreams, and ultimately achieve success. Yet, there are circumstances wherein the search of meanings will disappear if an individual encounters feelings of pain, guilt, and death. These feelings will further add on to one’s suffering and impedes him or her to move on in life. Although suffering is what everyone will undergo in lives, one can cope with it if the search for a meaning becomes successful again. For instance, in Bharati Mukherjee’s “The Management of Grief” and David Foster Wallace’s “Good People,” both the protagonists, Shaila Bhave and Lane Dean, experience the process of suffering, but their methods of overcoming these things are what create differences.
First of all, both Shaila and Lane experience loss. Shaila loses her husband and children in an Indian Plane Crash. Likewise, Lane will lose his bachelor degree if he decides to raise the child or he will lose the baby if he decides to have an abortion. From their losses, one can conclude Shaila’s loss is unpreventable because she does not have the ability to foreseen a plane crash accident will happen on her family. Moreover, a plane crash accident will normally cause explosion and that means the chance for her family or

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