The Myth Of Narcissus

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This myth is a clear example of a doomed love whose nature is portrayed in characteristic manner that includes common themes of Greek Mythology like punishment by a god/goddess and the notorious addition of narcissism as a relevant symbol to complement the story. This particular Myth offers a special opportunity to discuss a construction of the subjective and self. The essential issue is the interrogation. Ovid cast the lovers as victims of this feeling called love. However this story does not have a happy ending for the so called lovers in context.
Primarily the myth of Narcissus takes the theme of evanescence of beauty as well as the dilemma of narcissism and death. The dilemma of narcissism is summarized in what is doomed to remain a prisoner of the shadow world, your love for yourself or free yourself through self-knowledge and the ability to meet others, but the price is the symbolic death of the ego.
Ovid makes it clear that Narcissus was alone and truly did not know who was …show more content…

Narcissus is victim of his incredulity and illusion. By falling in love with a figure he sees, Narcissus reacts under control of the organs of senses and, at that moment, it is completely sensorial. Nevertheless Narcissus is unresponsive to the desire of others to take advantage of her beautiful body. Be desired is not the same as to experience desire. The other character is Echo who was silenced and punished by Hera for having intruded upon their married life. Echo is punished for allowing sexuality and Narcissus refusing to be loved by someone else other than himself. This is a clear example of gender/sexual relationship uncovered by unconventional love affair. One thing lead to the other

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