Human Differences: Similarities Between Gods And Humans

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Gods are represented as superior leaders and humans look up to them. Human were also destruction to earth in the god’s eyes. Gods have also thought humans were very different than them. Unfortunately gods/goddesses had very human flaws. Although human saw gods has perfect people, gods had very human flaws such as fear, jealousy, and being narcissistic. Firstly, one human flaw gods/goddess shared with humans was jealousy. An example of jealousy found in the myth was when Hera attacked Zeus’s distractors for example Echo. Hera showed jealousy, when Zeus saw other women, so she cursed Echo for distracting her. Another example of jealousy is Eris. This myth is about Eris not getting invited to a wedding so she disturbed the wedding by telling the prettiest goddess to eat the apple. There was more than one goddess, so they fought and it caused a huge argument. This is another example of how gods/goddess are the same flaw which is jealousy. Secondly, another human flaw gods had was fear. An example of fear is when Apollo tricked Artemis to kill Orian. This was a sign of fear because Artemis vowed to be a virgin, but her Brother Apollo thought she won’t keep her vow since she met Orian. Her brother then tricked her into killing …show more content…

Gods like Hera and youths for example, Narcissus and others can be narcissistic. For example Hera thinks she is the most and only beautiful goddess out of all the other goddess. She was being narcissistic because she didn 't think about any other goddess except her. A youth that is narcissistic is Narcissus. He was too narcissistic because he thought he was too good for any women. This is another example to show that gods/goddess and humans had the same flaws. You can relate this point between humans and gods because humans are also narcissistic.This is also a moral lesson to not be too self-centered. In the end gods and human have same flaws, in this case being

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