The Gods Role In Homer's The Odyssey

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In the Odyssey, I feel as if the Gods role was to function more as spiritual guides and as support for the human of choice. An example being Athena reuniting Odessyus and his son after 20 years, Hermes warning Odysseus of Circes witchcraft, and Circes giving him directions. Yet, I also feel as if they punish for poor behavior as well. An example of this being Poisiden delaying Odysses's boat journey with challenges/weather for blinding his son, the cyclops, and then bragging about how great he was. I personally do not think that the Gods control humans, but they do interfere and influence their behavior-more or less making a moral code if you will. I think this because Humans choose their behavior and actions, yet they are guided into making …show more content…

They tend to be portrayed to have the same emotions mortals like you and I have. They get mad, offended, sad, have compassion, and feel happiness too. So naturally, their decisions, idea, and behaviors are going to reflect those emotions. Yet, they do have some essential order. They are allowed to interfere with humans in certain ways to certain extents, they have rules, and by punishing/rewarding humans, they create an order of morals/hierarchy so they serve a purpose as well. This presentation of the gods reveals that the Greeks see them as powerful, smarter, and "magically" significant beings. I think that the story shows that they see the Gods to be like us, but with power and authority. I think that it shows the Greeks believe that pridefulness is wrong/punishable as well. Along with pride, I think that there were themes of piety, lies and deciet, and justice so I believe that the Greeks may have seen the Gods as a way to enforce good behavior/a moral code of good, although they show to be ignorant, act "bratty", and can be decietful which may be believed to cause humans to be bad. So it explains their bad behavior for them in a

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