Examples Of Tyranny In Greek Mythology

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The Greek Gods: Tyranny in Exchange for Power Throughout the evolution of society, one idea has stayed the same. That is the belief that we need to consistently be the best and the most powerful. We use this as a measure of self-worth and the foundation of the social hierarchy. The hierarchical nature of society drives this motivation of people to do everything it takes to reach the top. Our commitment can be so incredibly devout that we lose more than we gain on the search for this sense of power. These concepts can even be applied to ancient societies in Greek mythology. Many gods were blinded by the desire of having authority over others or being feared by their competitors and fellow civilians. The god’s persistent angst over this idea of sovereignty consumed them and morphed them into beings filled with vain. The gods are figures of tyranny because of their obsession of power leading to the perpetration of sociopathic acts such as Cronus killing his father, Uranus, Athena challenging Arachne causing Arachne’s death, and Aphrodite scheming against Psyche. One god that made it his cardinal ambition to achieve and maintain high power was the son of Uranus and Gaea, Cronus. Cronus killed his father …show more content…

Misguided with corrupt morals, the gods are defined as tyrannical. They long for supremacy and will travel to extreme lengths to acquire this. Much like the gods, we as a society are enchanted by the idea of being the most superior. We would do anything to protect our image and achieve high power. This can be applied to the popularized concept of the American dream. In the general American dream, people become consumed with trying to become wealthy and elite. These people risk their own dignity, friends, and family on the search for this dream. The unjustifiable acts committed on the way to this dream may not have been as atrocious as those carried out by the gods, but they are influenced by the same greed for the reassurance of being the best and most

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