What Is Jonathan Edwards American Dream

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The American Dream in the Eyes of a Puritan Jonathan Edwards defines the American dream as essentially, God’s “dream”, in the religious sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”. God is restraining an arrow from striking you, “The bow of God’s wrath is bent and justice points the arrow at your heart.” (Edwards 1). God does not let his arrow fire, instead, he holds it to protect those who are unconverted in hopes they will follow His dream to escape Hell. God does not wish anyone pain, he wants those unconverted people to follow His “dream” and flee from the clutches of Hell, they need to dream as God desires. The reason anyone does not currently reside in Hell is, “nothing else that is to be given reason why you do not at this very moment drop down into Hell.” (Edwards 1). God’s desire is for people to follow his “dream”, so God keeps the unconverted from dropping to Hell so they fulfill His dream. God’s providence is the reason Puritans did the everyday …show more content…

The American dream, otherwise known as God’s dream, was Edwards’ ideal dream; following the path of God was Edwards’ definition of the American dream, with God helping the unconverted along the

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