How The Goddesses Revealed In Horowitz's Myths And Legends

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The book Myths & Legends by Anthony Horowitz is a book that conveys the various adventures and fables of the gods and goddesses. Gods are supposed to be the leaders of the world, the immortals graced with special powers and innate abilities. However, their behavior is not much different than that of humans. In Myths & Legends, gods are portrayed in their true colors -- selfish, impulsive, and jealous. Selfishness is the first characteristic that comes to mind when thinking about the gods. After Thetis, a beautiful sea nymph, rejected Zeus, he sought revenge and “decreed that Thetis would never marry an immortal”(Horowitz 19). Zeus’ ego is so fragile that he cannot handle the thought of a woman rejecting him, and he is selfish enough to punish

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