Why Is Hubris Important In Greek Mythology

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Mythology Assessment

Tales of Greek mythology often bear lessons to be learned within their stories. Much wisdom is shared from taking the fantastical mythologies and analyzing the true meanings behind them. A modern audience can find great moral guides through these myths. A notable myth, and a favorite of mine, is the tale of Athena and her confrontation with Arachne. The gods do not settle well at the thought of another being, especially a mortal, doing well at their own skills. This act of overconfidence and lack of respect is known as hubris. Greek mythology is well-known to display the tragic endings for those who act with hubris. One goddess strikes upon a mortal with vivid anger and authority for acting as if she was better than a god. …show more content…

Nymphs would leave their sanctuaries solely to see Arachne’s work or watch her while she was working. However, Athena was the one who had taught Arachne how to weave and spin in the first place, to which Arachne would deny.
Arachne grew with confidence and unfortunate hubris as she decided to challenge a god. She said, “Let her compete with me; if she wins I deny her nothing.” (Morford 182). Consequently, Athena disguised herself into an old, unkempt woman who warned her to pray for forgiveness towards Athena for the harsh words that Arachne had said, and to keep her talents to better the mortals. Arachne responds harshly towards the old woman with a declaration of a contest immediately to which the true Athena appears. As the weaving begins, Arachne is depicting

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