Perseus: The Greatest Heroes In Greek Myth

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The Greek mythology has got to have the most fascinating and at the same time, the most detailed myths in the world. It was actually created thousands of years ago that has been passed down for generations. These myths often features stories about the gods and goddesses as well as heroic battles between monstrous creatures and mortals that teaches intelligence and bravery to its readers. These ancient tales are either painted or carved on pots and statues. That is why in this article we will bring you some of the greatest heroes in Greek myth.

“The gods envy us, they envy us because we 're mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we 're doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”


Starting of with one of the most famous one of all, Hercules. If you have seen the Disney animated version, then …show more content…

He is known to be such a great leader to his army, and has a very clever mind. His resourcefulness helped their victory during the Trojan War. The goddess Athena often give him aid especially when he is fighting in a war.


Last but definitely not the least is Perseus. Just like Hercules, he is a son of Zeus, but his mother is a princess names Danae. Perseus is actually known for many things but the most common battle he won is against Medusa. Medusa was a woman who has snakes for hair, she was cursed by the Goddess Athena. Perseus, wearing a helmet of invisibility, snuck into Medusa’s lair and slays her while she was asleep. Anyone who lay eyes on Medusa, would be turned into a stone.

Even if these are just considered myths, their stores are there to continue inspiring people with their bravery through heroic acts. Heroes nowadays aren 't always given credit because people are just so hungry for money, power, and fame. Be an inspiration to everyone, be someone the future generation will look up

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