Comparing The Greek Gods: The Resemblance Of Gods And Humans

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The Resemblance of Gods and Humans Throughout all religions, gods have always been seen as superior in every way possible. The division between humans and gods has always been prevalent and prominent. However, when the actions and motives of these gods are truly analyzed, it will become evident that the gods of Greek Mythology merely behave as humans with supernatural powers. The lives of the gods were motivated the same basic factors of love, anger, and envy. Although their situations with these factors were more drastic due to their abilities, the gods still reacted and behaved similarly to humans. In the novel, Mythology , it is shown that the behaviors of the Greek gods that were influenced by the desire of love were extremely similar to those of a human. When Cupid falls in love with a mortal girl named Psyche, in an attempt to assure that no one else would marry her, the text states, “He put some drops of water of Psyche’s lips, a charm to prevent anyone else from falling in love with her, “ (33). This shows that the god, Cupid, takes drastic …show more content…

When Athena, a goddess, realizes that her weaving competition with Arachne, a mortal, would end in a draw, the text states, “...she tore Arachne’s tapestry from top to bottom and began to beat the girl,” (85). Because Athena has supernatural powers, she should be viewed as a superior being. However, in this story, although Arachne is a mortal, she is able to weave at a comparable level of skill to Athena, a goddess. This causes Athena to feel envious of Arachne’s abilities, and in an effort to weaken Arachne, Athena destroys Arachne’s work and beats her. Athena’s behavior is similar to humans’ behavior when attempting to invalidate and undermine that people they are jealous and envious of. However, in Athena’s situation, her punishment to Arachne in the form of a beating is more severe and

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