The Role Of The Gods In Homer's Odyssey

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The belief system and the presence of God is one of the things many cultures and people have taken for granted. In Homer’s Odyssey, there is a presence of the gods which makes mortal to have the ability to talk to them, see them and even feel their presence around them. In this epic, what fascinated me is how the gods showed love towards odyssey throughout his journey. In the Greece empire, the power of the gods is the most constantly praised which Looking at the roles of the gods, Athena, goddess of wisdom and a daughter of Zeus admired the courage and faith in odyssey. Athena pleaded with his father by saying: father Zeus, whose power is supreme, if the blessed gods really do want Odysseus to return to his home, we should send Hermes, our quicksilver herald, …show more content…

The quote depicts how strong Athena’s love for odyssey is and it also showed how we are being loved by God in times of trouble. Although Athena being the guardian angel for odyssey, showed love and kindness not only towards him but also his son Telemachus. God of the sea, Poseidon is one of the gods in odyssey who had a son called Polyphemus. Polyphemus was one of the Cyclopes whose island, Odysseus went after leaving Troy. Odysseus blinded Polyphemus because he wanted to eat him and his crews, and his actions angered Poseidon. Throughout his voyage, Poseidon delayed him of returning home by providing strong storm on the sea which caused the ship to destroy. Poseidon did not only delay his homecoming, but made him face different dangers and also saved him from the Trojan war. Zeus was the king of the gods who intervenes in dispute between gods and also men. He also has the power to make other gods do what he pleases. In his role in odyssey, he sent Hermes to order calypso to release Odysseus to return to Ithaca. He did this when her daughter Athena convinced

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