How Does Athena Influence On The Odyssey

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The first eight books of The Odyssey by Homer, tell the story of Odysseus long journey home. According to the epic, Odysseus is the only Greek survivor of the Trojan War who has not returned home. However, along with his soldiers, he is trying to get back to his home in Ithaca. In his journey home, Odysseus faced Calypso, sea monsters, lotus-eaters as well as a giant. Moreover, Odysseus intelligence and the assistance of Athena made him survive these adventures. Meanwhile, back in Ithaca, the suitors are irritating to seduce Odysseus’s faithful wife, Queen Penelope, in marriage because the entire kingdom considers that Odysseus has died in the war. Odysseus’s son Telemachus is now a grown man he is helpless, but he has a perception that Odysseus …show more content…

Athena appears in disguise as one of Odysseus's friends and advice Telemachus to go out and investigate his father's journey. Book two when Telemachus leaves Ithaca to discover what he can about king Odysseus. Book three quietly describes what the great warrior Odysseus accomplished in the Trojan War. Telemachus then Journeys to Sparta, where he meets with the king Menelaus and his wife, Queen Helen. In Sparta, Telemachus discovers that his father is indeed alive. King Menelaus also informs the son that king Odysseus is being held captive on an island with a Nymph. We leap into book five; the poem changes settings to Odysseus crying on the beach on the Nymph Calypso's Island. In this book, the supreme God Zeus sends Hermes to convince Calypso to let Odysseus go his own way. Odysseus sets sail on a small raft and establishes his journey to the shore of the Phiasean's Kingdom. The first person Odysseus meets there is the princess, and she sends him to the king's castle. Odysseus grasps many of stories that Phiasean's have been over. Odysseus finally illustrates to the Phiasean's that it is time for him to leave their magnificent home. The Phiasean's host a celebration associated with games before they can send Odysseus on his way. One of the young men of the Phiasean's taste his bravery by challenging Odysseus to …show more content…

One Greek god who severely inhibits Odysseus’ journey home is Poseidon. This god of the ocean, angered when Odysseus harmed the Cyclops (which was a child of Poseidon) causes our hero to experience terrible storms and lose all of his crewmen. Poseidon is considered Odysseus’ main nemesis, and he continually collapses Odysseus’ plans to return home, or intervenes in his affairs to cause the king strife. Another god, Calypso, was strangely cruel to Odysseus; insanely in love with him, she held Odysseus captive for seven years and roughly delayed his return home. Only when another god, Hermes, intervened did she consent to release

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