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Greek mythology with the possible exception of the Vedic-Hindu religion of India, religion or religion in connection with the mythology of the ancient Greeks produced the most complex and sophisticated in the world. Greek myth usually read as individual stories. Greek mythology has exercised a profound and unparalleled influence upon western culture. Dramatists, artists, and philosophers from Roman times, through the great revival of interest in antiquity the Renaissance, up to the present day have been inspired by the thrilling legacy of ancient Greece. The origins of these myths are impossible to determine and there is no one true version of any myth.
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Brother of Zeus and Hades, after the overthrow of their father, Cronus, he drew lots with them to share the universe (Michael Karas, 2009). Poseidon and his brothers Zeus released by the uprising, and the division of power between Zeus, Hades, and himself, Poseidon received the sea as its territory. He ended up becoming lord of the sea. Poseidon is the god who is considered the most qualified to supervise the ocean that covers two per three of the Earth (Briant Elwin Haner, 2011). Poseidon is described as the god who always carries a trident sticks everywhere. According to Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the most powerful among his other Zeus believes that the most widespread in the world to be governed by Poseidon. He was widely worshiped by seamen. Poseidon has trident as a weapon which could cause floods and earthquakes. Trident was created by the Cyclopes during Titanomachy. Poseidon also has a vehicle that is pulled by Amphitrite are half horse, half fish creature. Poseidon married Amphitrite and had a son named Triton, one of the granddaughters of the Titan Oceanus. Poseidon also the god who created the horse in an attempt to seduce

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