Injustice In Ancient Greece

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ANTIOPE was a princess of the Boiotian town of Hyria, a daughter of prince Nykteus. Although some say her real father was the god of the local river Asopos. Antiope was loved by the god Zeus who seduced her in the guise of a satyr on Mount Kithairon. When Nykteus discovered she was pregnant he threatened her, and so she fled the country and sought refuge with King Epitopes of Sikyon. The prince then killed himself in shame, persuading his brother Lykos to avenge his dishonour. Lykos (brother of the one who got her pregnant) had since been appointed regent of the powerful Boiotian city of Thebes, for its king Labdakos had died young leaving a mere child on the throne. With the cities forces he laid …show more content…

But when Antiope learned that her sons were alive and now fully grown, she fled from Thebes and asked them to avenge her. They captured Dirke on Mount Kithairon as she was celebrating the revels of Dionysosand tied her to a bull to be torn apart. They then slew King Lykos and seized the throne of Thebes. The god Dionysos, however, was offended by the death of his devotee, and drove Antiope mad. She roamed across the hills to the neighbouring kingdom of Phokis, where King Phokos found her, cured her of her illness and made her his wife. …show more content…

For his wife Drice they ordered a tormented death by tying her hair to a raging bull 's horns and letting her die as the animal run through the town. Dirce 's death is the theme of the marble statue "Famese Bull" in the Naples museum. Amphion became the king of Thebes and with his brother 's help he enclosed the city in imposing high walls and towers. The legend states that Zethus ordered the stones arranged into the wall by playing a sweet melody with his lyre, which was a gift by Hermes. Antiope and her sons, Amphion and Zethos, were later honoured as heroes at Thebes. Unlike most heroes however, which produced long lines of descendants, their house was cut short by the untimely deaths of the twins and all of their children. Some say that one of the daughters survived, Khloris, who married Neleus king of Pylos. Her son Nestor and grandsons Antilokhos and Thrasymedes fought in the Trojan War. Before the war started Antiope was killed in a battle, the battle that Theseus fought to save her. He did get her back but in the procus of defeating the barbarian invaders she died. There are a million question why that know one

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