Antigone Noble Death Analysis

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Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta. In the beginning of the book, we find out that Antigone’s brothers have killed each other in war. One of the brothers, Polyneices is considered a traitor and Creon, the king, refuses to give him a proper burial. Antigone decides to disobey the king and give her brother a proper burial. Antigone loves the idea of a noble death and it drives her decision-making at the end of her life. Her death had a major impact on the city and her family’s legacy. So, it was justified that she made the decisions she made that lead to her noble death.
Antigone’s love for a noble death is shown throughout the book. When Antigone finds out that her brother will not be given a proper burial, she sees it as an opportunity …show more content…

Then, Antigone went back a second time to bury him. It was at this point in the story where she was caught in the act by the watchmen and was brought to king Creon. When Creon asks if she was guilty of such an action against him, she said, “Of course, I did it. I won’t deny anything” (Line 442-443).” This showed the people of Thebes that Antigone, as a woman in a world of men, actively made the decision to do this. Antigone was happy that she was caught because she was able to show the people how brave she was to stand up against the king. Also, Antigone shows Creon and the people of Thebes that she wants to die for her actions by saying, “I’ll die in any case, whether you announce my execution or not. But if I die young, all the better (Line 442-443).” When she said this, we can clearly see that her love for a noble death is driving her thoughts and actions. At this point, she is almost asking the king to sentence her to death, which takes everyone by surprise. Later in the argument, Ismene comes up to them to try to take responsibility in the act with Antigone. Then, Antigone interjects saying, “No, you may not die along with me. Don’t say you did it! You wouldn’t even touch it [The plan to bury their brother]. Now leave MY death alone.” (Line 546-547).” Antigone does not want her sister to experience the same glory she has worked for. She wants to be remembered as the one person who …show more content…

Towards the end of the book, her love of it pushes her sister away and her fiancé to kill himself. After she thought the king was going to kill her in the underground cave, she even killed herself to ensure her noble death and that nothing could alter it. We know Antigone had a noble death because the people of Thebes were honoring her to her grave. When Antigone was walking to her death, the people said, “You are the only one to hold true to your own laws and go down to Hades while still alive (Line 821).” The people are honoring her and explaining how she is the only person to ever accomplish this and she should be respected for it. The people of Thebe’s really love what she did for her brother and for the city. They show that they love her and her brace actions by giving her the highest honor they could give her. They said, “But when you die, you will be great, you will be equal in memory to the gods, by the glory of your life and death (Line 836-838).” Earlier in the book, we saw how Antigone viewed herself almost as immortal because she didn’t believe anyone could harm her dream. Now, we see that the people of Thebes believe the same thing. They view her as immortal and equal to the gods because of her bravery to do the right thing and her harsh punishment the king sentenced her

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