The Necklace And The Rocking Horse Necklace Comparison

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In “The Rocking-Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence and in “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant Hester and Mathilde have many similarities and differences. The first similarity they share is their greed. When Paul began to win money off of beating for horses he wanted to give some to his mother to stop the house from whispering, so he decided he would give her one thousand pounds each year on her birthday for five years. When Hester received the news she was very upset. She did not want to wait instead she wanted all the money at once. Paul agreed, hoping the money would at last quiet the house, however, the house just got louder. With the money Paul’s mother bought new furniture, toys, and other expensive pleasures. Instead of using the money on things the middle-class family needed Paul’s mother decided she should use the money to appear to be an upper-class rich family. Mathilde also comes from middle-class, but would rather live that upper-class lifestyle. An …show more content…

Hester was living a upper- class life while making a middle-class salary. Her family lived in a good neighborhood with a nice, big house. They also had a gardener and a nanny. Also the children all had very nice, expensive toys, such as the rocking horse. Hester also would buy the nicest furniture and food available. Mathilde, however, was only able to wish for such things. She had a loving, caring husband that would do anything for her. In fact, he did do everything. Monsieur Loisel was in charge of working, cooking, and even cleaning. He gave Mathilde all he could afford. For dinner, they had a very nice french soup. This is not enough for Mathilde all she could think about was having better with eloquent table settings. She did this with everything in her life. She deserved a richer husband, nicer furniture, and prettier clothes. Although both female characters were greedy and were punished for it, they each lived a very different

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