The Odysseus Of Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey time was all about traveling the sea on ships. Now day 's we have cars and roads to drive on to get where we want to go. We also have planes if you need to travel really far distances. Back in The Odyssey they didn’t have any planes or cars to travel where they needed to go. They had big ships and rafts to get across the sea.
The Odyssey family wasn’t really close because Odysseus cheated on Penelope and Penelope always stayed loyal to Odysseus. When someone were to leave for a while they would have to send messages over paper instead of phones that we have now days. Telemachus, Odysseus son didn’t know his father till he came back to his country. When Odysseus came back to his country, he and Telemachus went to visit Odysseus father to see how he was doing because he missed him. So when they were gone Penelope had to take care of things when they were gone.
Now days family’s still cheat on each other and aren’t always loyal to one another. Often when a family have children and they graduate from school and go off to college, they go away and make a life on their own. Now if people were to go on vacation away from home and wanted to contact their family’s to see how they were doing all they would need to do is call them on the phone or maybe facetime them. …show more content…

In The Odyssey in order to contact people from far away, they would have to send messages on paper. Now days you have a phone to message people on or a computer. The Odyssey didn’t have planes or cars to travel faster where they needed to go, everything was on foot. Now days we have planes and cars to travel to our destination faster and that’s why people now are getting more and more lazy. The Odyssey had to prepare and cook their food for their family’s and sit down and eat. Now people have restaurants to sit down and eat and wait for other people to cook the food for them. Therefor Ancient Greece is a lot different compared to

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