Night Vs Indifference Analysis

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“Night vs the peril of indifference”

What is the Holocaust? How many people were put through a traumatic experience for having a religion, and doing nothing wrong? What if this happened to you? These are some questions I asked myself when I learned more about the holocaust. How could people segregate others because of a religion they didn’t understand? Nobody should ever have been treated the way they have. In the eyes of the Germans, the Nazis, and the people included on the wrong side of the holocaust, they were hungry dogs. The book “Night”, took us through the story of what happened to him, and all of the things that he went through during the holocaust. It went from the beginning to the end telling his traumatic experience. In Elie Wiesel’s speech, “Perils of silence”, he mainly spoke about the segregation of the Jews, and how it impacted his life forever. Elie also thanked the former president, Clinton for representing the American people because without America he would have never made it out. He …show more content…

The book was better at delivering his message because it had shown people’s willingness to give up, their pain, how they felt, and what position they were put in. It included all of those things, which in the speech, it either didn’t include it, or included a very small fraction of what he said through his speech. So why should you care? Why does this have to do with you? You should care about this topic, because sometimes, history can repeat itself. A lot of people died, there was an extreme amount of segregation, and people were not treated like people, but as a lesser object. Some may have family who have been through the holocaust, or you can relate because you felt lesser for being a certain way. Treat people as equals, even if you don’t like them for their differences, because in the end, they are all people trying to survive in a world with stubborn

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