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An important theme in The Piano Lesson is the motivations of men versus the motivations of woman and how they differ. Throughout the play, Boy Willie is focused on selling the Piano and essentially giving up the history of it, in order to move on. He not once contemplates the decision, he is persistent in selling it, he is persistent in progress. The history of the piano is meaningless to Boy Willie, because he is focused on future. On the other hand, Berniece is completely firm on keeping the piano because of its family history. She feels that it means much more than it is worth in money. History means a lot to Berniece and she will do anything to stop Boy Willie from selling their family history even if Boy Willie is going to buy land with …show more content…

If this same theme is studied in Fences, then their is completely different views for the men and women, which shows that there was a big difference between the decades that August Wilson was portraying. For example, in Fences, Rose is focused on moving on, while Troy is stuck in the past. When it comes to Cory playing football, Troy doesn’t want him to play because of his own past experiences playing baseball. Troy feels that Cory will get treated unfairly because he is black compared to other white kids because that is what happened to Troy when he tried to make it as a baseball player. Rose is the one who is being progressive and focused on moving on from history. She even tells Troy that “Times have changed from when you was young, Troy. People change. The world’s changing around you and you can’t even see it” (1076). Rose is saying that Troy should stop focusing on the past history of how he was treated and move on. This quote shows pretty straightforward that August Wilson’s portrayal of women and men’s views on life are completely different than in the Piano

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