The Point Of View Of Mrs. Hale's Jury Of Her Peers

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The point of view of a story can change the reader's perspective on the actual story. The short story and the play give a message of doing what's right. While both trifles and “Jury of her Peers” were in third person, trifles was third person objective and “jury of her Peers” was third person limited. Third person limited is giving the emotion and thoughts of one character. In the short story “Jury of her Peers” the focus is on the character Mrs.Hale. She was one of the few people who had some sympathy for Mrs.Wright. “Well , said Hale, she looked queer” (Jury of her Peers page.3). The incident that took place was full of depression. Mrs.Hale recognized what Mrs.Wright was going through at the time. In this time women were not appreciated so I feel like they were more closer as a whole. “Mrs.Hale slipped the box under the quilt pieces in the basket” (Jury of her Peers page.11). In this box was a dead bird that meant something to Mrs.Wright. This bos was a problem solver to the case they are trying to solve dealing with the death of Mr.Wright. Mrs.Hale hid the box to keep Mrs.Wright out of trouble. This goes back to her sympathy she had for her. The point of view of this story can have the audience feel sympathetic for Mrs.Wright also. …show more content…

This play was also told in third person but objective which uses a lot of he and she in the story. The point of view of the play was by the narrator. “She had a apron in her hand and was kind of pleating it” (trifles page.710). As seen in the quote it used the word she. When the narrator is telling the story you don’t really get as much detail and emotion. “He died of a rope around his neck” (trifles page.710). Mr.Wright’s dead was a mystery but was also known is someway. The point of view of third person objective changes the way you look at the story and how you perceive

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