The Positive Consequences Of Marijuana Legalization In The United States

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Marijuana is a drug made of cannabis which provides a feeling of intense happiness and excitement or intoxication. Due to marijuana’s potential dangerousness, it has been strictly prohibited in most countries since the late 1930s (Guither, 2015). However, five jurisdictions in the United States legalized marijuana because of its incredible uses for medical purposes and low probability of harm, and it causes other countries to consider marijuana legalization (Owen Poindexter, 2014). Today, there is a trend in marijuana legalization like a domino in the states which could eventually affect all the state to legalize marijuana (Smith, 2015). There is a great diversity of opinions about marijuana legalization but the United States has shown its positive attitude towards marijuana legalization. This essay argues that the United State should not legalize marijuana due to its negative consequences for educational, physical/psychological, and social issues even though it could bring positive effects on the finance/economy. Marijuana legalization could be financially advantageous to the rest states as it has shown to legalized states. First, Colorado has seen that marijuana legalization could benefit the economy. Jeff (2014) reports that in the early 4 months, Colorado has gained “over 10 million in taxes” from selling which also benefit the public. To put it concretely, “40 million” dollars from the profit of marijuana tax was used for the public interest such as “schools and

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