The Power And The Glory By Whiskey Priest

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In our lives, people can’t judge a person that is good or bad after a few events or short time. Moreover, when a person does a good thing, his or her own action doesn’t represent he or she is good; otherwise, he or she is evil. The true value of a person has to spend many years or maybe his or her whole life. In the novel “The Power and the Glory” (by Graham Greene), Whiskey Priest, the main character, is a good man, and it is clear for reader to understand because the author created many effective stories that might be his experiences from his own life. However, Priest’s treatments at his strangers, the Mestizo, and the Lieutenant are clear to express his own value of a good person. In the beginning of the novel, Whiskey Priest met the first …show more content…

First of all, when the Priest was on the way to Carmen, he met Mestizo, who represented for evil, “He knew. He was in the presence of Judas.” On their journeys, the Mestizo asked the Priest, “Won’t you say a prayer, father, before we sleep?” He also said that he was a good Christian because he wanted to get Priest’s belief. However, the Priest said, “You’re wrong” (Greene 90-91). The first part showed that the Priest seemed kind and wise. In the second part, the readers will see how the Priest showed his great tolerance. The Priest let Mestizo ride the mule when Mestizo was sick. ‘“ Mestizo said, “You are leaving me here to die.” The Priest said, “Nonsense Getup. I’ll walk for a while.”’ Moreover, the Priest said that he was a priest, ‘“ A voice said, “You are the Priest, aren’t you?” The Priest said, “Yes”’ (Greene 99-100). In the last part, after Mestizo betrayed the Priest, the Priest still forgave and prayed for Mestizo when the Priest and Mestizo met again. ‘“The Priest said, “I’ll pray for you,” and waved Mestizo’s hand; the Priest bore no grudge because he expected nothing else of anything human”’ (Greene 197-198). In the last part, the author gave the readers an interesting point that is the Priest’s humanity. Through three part of the Priest’s treatment at the Mestizo, the readers will have an accurate view about the …show more content…

The Lieutenant didn’t believe in church, but he changed due to the Priest’s personalities like, ‘“the Priest said good for his enemy, the Lieutenant, “You are a good man.”’ As the result, the Lieutenant listened to the Priest’s stories about the God, ‘“The Priest said, “You have listened very patiently….” “I am not afraid,” the Lieutenant said, “of other people’s ideas”’ (Greene 197). However, the point that attracted the readers was the Lieutenant changed his behaviors or mind when he tried to help the Priest, ‘“The Lieutenant said, “You aren’t a bad fellow. If there’s anything I can do for you…” (Greene 201). For the Priest’s treatment at the Lieutenant, the author wanted to identify that the personality of a person could effect to other people, and the Lieutenant wanted to help the Priest because he saw the characteristics of the good man at the

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