How Does Washington Irving Use Satire In The Devil And Tom Walker

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“The Devil and Tom Walker” written by Washington Irving, is a story that takes place in New England in the 1720’s. A major part of the story is satire as it is displayed all throughout the work. Satire is writing that ridicules or criticizes. Religion, marriage, and the white establishment are three different elements of society that are criticized throughout the story with satire. Religion and religious types are criticized through satire by Irving in the story. Throughout the course of this story Tom Walker becomes a religious man. “He became, therefore, all of a sudden, a violent churchgoer.” Tom becomes a “violent churchgoer” in effort to avoid having his soul taken b y the devil. Still, Tom continues to drive people to bankruptcy. Deacon…show more content…
All throughout the story Tom and his wife seem to argue very much. Tom never wanted to please his wife and would never try or do anything to please her. Also, both Tom and his wife were so miserable in their marriage they cheated on eachother. “... with the loss of his wife, for he was a man of fortitude. He even felt something like gratitude towards the black woodsman, who, he considered had done him a kindness.” This quote explains how cheerful was upon realizing the devil had taken his wife and felt as if the devil did him a favor. Every aspect of marriage is ridiculed through satire in “The Devil and Tom Walker” and is ridiculed by both Tom Walker and the Devil. “Since the red men have been exterminated by you white savages.” This is a quote the devil stated mocking the white establishment. The devil refers to white people as white savages. Also, slave trade was something the devil suggested Tom should do but, Tom believed it was too evil and he refused. Throughout the story, white establishment is criticized through satire by Tom and the Devil. Irving incorporates slave trade and killing of indians in the story and mocks the whites and faults them for
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