The Devil And Tom Walker Character Analysis Essay

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A Faustian Bargain is when a person makes a deal for something valuable that they desire, like wealth or knowledge, in exchange for something important, like their soul. Most Faustian Bargains are deals done with the devil, or someone with a lot of power. Tom Walker is the main character in “The Devil and Tom Walker”. He was a miserly, greedy man, who had an equally greedy and abusive wife. When Walker told his wife about his encounter with the devil, she encouraged him to make the deal. At first, Walker declined just to spite his wife, but after his wife’s death, Walker later made a deal with the devil for Kidd the pirate’s buried treasure. In the end, the outcome was Tom Walker being taken away by the devil after calling upon the devil, not thinking about the consequences. The main character of The Devil and Daniel Webster is Jabez Stone, the Senator of New Hampshire. He started off as a poor farmer who wished for a life of luxury. After breaking an expensive tool while working on the farm, he made a deal with the devil to become the New Hampshire State Senator, making him very wealthy and successful. The outcome …show more content…

The Devil and Daniel Webster is about Jabez Stone, the State Senator of New Hampshire, who started off poor, living on a farm. Jabez disliked life on the farm, and wished to live wealthily in the city. This is shown in the text when he says “I wanted to be State Senator and have people look up to me. But all I got on the farm was a crop of stones. You could work all day and all night, but that was all you got.” (The Devil and Daniel Webster, pg. 423). Then, he made a deal with the devil to become State Senator for wealth and power. “ So I pricked my thumb with a pin and signed the paper.” (The Devil and Daniel Webster, Pg. 423). These quotes prove a similarity because both Jabez and Tom started off poor and ended up making a deal with the devil for wealth and

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