Similarities Between The Devil And Daniel Webster

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Do you want to sell your soul? If so you might want to rethink your choice. In “The Devil and Tom Walker”, Tom Wa;ler is a miserable man who has troubles with his wife. One day, he is walking in the woods and comes upon Old Scratch who is able to make all of his problems go away. But he isn’t careful with his words and Scratch comes back for revenge. In The Devil and Daniel Webster, Jabez Stone is a newly wed but on his wedding day his past comes back to haunt him. Scratch comes to take him but Daniel Webster comes to his rescue by taking Old Scratch to court. Fortunately, Daniel wins the case and Scratch is banished. “The Devil and Tom Walker” and The Devil and Daniel Webster are similar in regards to Old Scratch and his ways and different because of their endings. …show more content…

One being how they display Old Scratch. In both tales, Old Scratch is displayed as his sinister man who wants nothing but your soul. He does everything in his power to get what he wants. A quote states, “These he offered to place within Tom Walker’s reach, having conceived an especial kindness for him; but they were to be had on certain conditions.”(Irving 317) This quote shows how willing he is to persuade Tom into making a deal with him. A similar quote says, “Sir, that is no fault of mine. Where I come from, we have always gotten pick from the Bar.”(Benet 427) Both of these quotes display Scratch’s ability to be persuasive and that he usually gets what he wants without issues. However, both neither Scratch had the same happy

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