The Pros And Cons Of European Colonization Of Native Americans

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When Europeans landed in the Americas; they left a huge imprint on the soil that would never fade. With better technology, ways of living, methods and more; their culture was beneficial for the Native Americans. The Europeans introduced new animals, plants, and farming methods to the Native Americans which soon caused the European population to bloom in the Americas. However, along with the beneficial things they’ve brought, diseases were transferred that killed many people from both sides, the Native population started dwindling little by little as they were forced to move to separate areas after Europeans inhabited almost all their land. Despite the harsh outcomes for the Native Americans, it was a good thing that European culture prevailed.
Plants such as tobacco, maize, beans, tomatoes, and especially the lowly potato eventually revolutionized the international economy as well as the European diet. In exchange, the Europeans introduced Old World crops and animals to the Americas. Over time, the variety of crops and foods widened for both the Europeans and the Natives -- as they were also, more accessible. The Natives were introduced to the firearms by Europeans and traded with them, whenever possible, since the nature of hunting and …show more content…

Even though Catholicism spread to the Americas, most efforts to convert Natives failed as they resisted them. There were some that obliged and ended many sacrifice-required rituals. The Europeans colonized almost all the land while forcing the Natives to migrate to smaller and smaller regions. They made reservations for the Native Americans due to their decreasing population and culture, also providing educational centers in return for taking their land. Their culture was not so heavily affected by the Europeans -- mostly in physical forms. Some Native Americans learned European languages while still maintaining their

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