The Pros And Cons Of The Reconstruction Era

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The Reconstruction Era was a developmental time in the advancement of the American Nation. While the founding fathers original institution for the country was ahead in its time, it was flawed and began to show in the Reconstruction period. Before the Civil War had began a group of Radical Republicans formed another political party who were intent on fighting for the political, social and basic human rights of African Americans. They stood against the socially controversially gains of the capitalist society that was devoted to glorifying those based on the whiteness of their skin. After the Civil War ended the United States had to reintegrate a formally slave population back into the country which proved to be excessively difficult. The Radical Republicans took it upon themselves to push and pry at every political door in order to secure these inevitable rights for the blacks. When the Founding Fathers began piecing together this nation their opinions on certain socially controversial subjects were overall extremely flawed. As time went on their opinions on these controversial aspects of their culture, that were currently acceptable, began to change and evolve. But the Founding Fathers had done little in the beginning to enable change further on as their government …show more content…

The first thing to accomplish was passing the Civil Rights Bill of 1866 which stated that people born in the United States of America were considered citizens and then established nationwide equality regardless of race. Andrew Johnson very quickly vetoed the law and claimed that in trying secure the rights of African Americans that white men were being discriminated against; this enraged the Republicans. Then Congress did something it had not done ever in the history of America; they overrode the presidential veto with a two-thirds majority

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