The Rider Poem Analysis

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Naomi Shihab Nye is a Poet, and a well known one at that, she has written many great pieces. The three that are the most life changing are Wedding Cake, Hidden and The Rider. Naomi has inspired so many women and people of other races that they can do anything they want, just like her. She is an amazing person who by defying all odds and being different than everyone else in her life and still doing what she wants to do.

Nye’s text Wedding cake impacted the movement of Equality for women and for people of other races. In the poem Naomi is on a plane with this dirty woman with a beautiful baby, and the woman asks Naomi to hold her baby and Naomi says yes. Then Naomi becomes attached when the woman came back to take the baby and wonders if she
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She also relates it with neglecting people, that the “name” will turn to blood. The reason poetry is amazing is that so many people see it differently and in this poem you can see because of recent events, this could impact the LGBTQ+ community. And by that I mean people who neglect someone because of their sexuality or race or gender. Naomi also says how that name would just turn to blood hating more when they could have just been accepting and everything would be fine. The best quote in this poem is “If you tuck the name of a loved one under your tongue for too long, it becomes blood.” This is Naomi's best work in the book fuel and possibly ever.

Next up is the inspirational, “The Rider”. The Rider is an amazing addition to Nye’s collection. It's both inspiring and amazing for a number of ways. The message behind this piece is that if you're lonely or even bored find something you like to do and do it, get better and better no matter what. No one can tell you to stop. You can easily relate to “The Rider” because everyone has been there where no one else is there for you and it's just
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