The Role Of Fate In Oedipus Rex

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Fate is the Character. This essay is about fate as the main protagonist. This essay will include an introduction to fate, myths and the powers in which control fate. The plays in which this essay will discuss are part of the Oedipus Rex Trilogy. The first play is Oedipus Rex; this essay will state Oedipus’s views of fate and his ideology around the theme. The paper will display a development in the protagonist and the lessons he learnt which made him a wiser man. The subject of irony which is built up and revealed at this of the play will also be included in this thesis. A short point of on Teiresias and the crossroads will also be contained within the paper as they are both vital to the text. Finally, there is a reflection by Oedipus. The second play which appears in this essay is Antigone. This thesis will discuss fate in Antigone as well. The paper will underline different acts of fate between the two plays. The philosophy be hide choice and reactions in Antigone. Finally this essay will also include how fate effected all characters and the finale climax. What is fate? Fate is used to control, guide, create reward and control by external factors. Fate controls nearly every aspect of our lives. It’s in charge of luck (weather good or bad), sadness or happiness, life or death. The factors that are established outside of human control are to be known as fatalism. When dealing with fate, we have no power. The origins of fate come from a higher disposition. The
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