How Does Oedipus Deserve His Fate

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Oedipus Rex essay Final draft Oedipus certainly deserved his fate. Oedipus and his actions are clearly disrespect to the gods , he faces the fate he deserves. He was doing things that would eventually lead up to the unfortunate event of his death , he was even warned by the great and wise Teiresias , but he being himself was to stubborn and did not listen. All the things Teiresias said would happen became the truth. He killed his father, married his mother, yet he tempted his fate , he deserved everything that came his way . He did not want to believe any of it he didn't listen , he thought he knew what was correct , and being the way he was , got the worst part. Oedipus showed disrespect to the gods. His power was a part of his ignorance , being king. He tries to put himself in a god's position , thinking he is that powerful. The people of Thebes seeked aid from the true gods , the real protectors and deciders of one's fate , and he puts the cities problems on his shoulders, A gods duty is not a mortal mans job. Oedipus just didnt understand. “ As I should , to avenge the city and the …show more content…

The gods talked, spoked, stated that the plaque would be undone when the murderer of king Laius was finally found, being Oedipus. The reason Oedipus deserved his fate was because he promised, to himself , to the land of thebes and to its people, to help them in any way they needed him, again acting like a god . He must remain a man of his word just as he made the law of exile , to keep those words and not try and erase what was his actions or his land would be doomed. “ it was murder that brought the plague wind to this city” (prologue 7).This quote is significant because it shows us the truth , the murder of the king was the reason the plaque was a problem to begin with,why it started. Now to undo has has been done , to get rid of this evil plague , the murder being Oedipus himself must be exiled or killed. It has to be

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