Who Was Responsible For Oedipus's Downfall

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Oedipus’s selfishness and temper eventually lead to his downfall. Oedipus selfishness made everyone else mad at him for him not believing them. He kept digging and digging himself into a deeper hole. This eventually made his punishment at the end worse for him. He also could not handle the truth so this made him disrespect the gods. He told Tiresias that he was lying and was just trying to help Ceron become ruler. Oedipus also had too much pride this also contributed to his downfall. He was telling the people that they would find the murderer and have him exiled. He was too blind to see that he killed the king.

Oedipus stubbornness led him to losing his friend Ceron and making the gods mad. He also did not listen to Tiresias's when he foreshadowed …show more content…

So when he starts telling him the truth Oedipus gets even more mad and taunts Tiresias about being blind. Then Oedipus accuses Ceron of being the murderer and that he is just trying to become king. If it was not for Oedipus’s temper he would not have killed king Laius and his men. Oedipus’s temper had a great contribution to his downfall and later his blindness.

Oedipus’s pride also was a large contribution to his downfall. He had so much that he became blind to things around around him and the things he was doing to himself and others. Everything that happens to him is brought onto him by him. He killed his father, he also married his mother. He chooses to ignore the warnings from Jocasta, he searches and searches for the killer, to soon find out it was himself. Just as Oedipus becomes king his pride and confidence in himself grows. The people look at him as some kind of savior because he has defeated the king. This basically makes his ego 10 times bigger. He also is very denying of his fate. The terrible irony in this story is that everytime he tries to do the right thing, it brings about his destruction. He can’t win for losing. He is his own worst

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