Cultural Differences Between Beowulf And Grendel

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Culture makes an impact on Religion
Culture defines a person’s belief, characteristics, certain practices, values, the way of thinking, and acting about a certain position. Each individual is represented by their own culture, and how supposed to be done in a certain way. In the epic, Beowulf, and the movie Beowulf and Grendel, Beowulf shows two different perspectives and feelings towards religion. Not only this, but extra characters are added to the movie that were not a part of the poem and causes a character conflict. During the epic and in the movie, religion is treated very seriously during the time of Beowulf considering of the different cultures in the scenes and how each character changes from their different beliefs. The cultural values,
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During the epic, Beowulf emphasizes a great deal about having faith in God and how it 's going to help get through certain struggles in life. For example, “The almighty judge of good deeds and bad, the Lord God, Head of Heavens and high King of the world.” As for the movie, he treats religion as if he has no interest in converting into Christianity or doesn 't care anything about it. Since he is strong he must think that he doesn 't need help to be protected. One of the scenes during the movie is talking about the people going through the process of baptism. Beowulf exact words about his thoughts towards baptism were, “They swim out of fear.” His point of this was to emphasize how the people certainly don 't know about religion, but instead are doing it because they want and think it will protect them. He views it as a way for them to feel like they will have no more fear after they get baptized. This could be a comparison of how some people today may view baptism or even don 't have any interest in religion. The reason for this is as long as they don 't see the significance of it. However, Christians know the importance of baptism. It represents something and is very important to them. In the movie, it shows how the baptism is being done in some type of lake. Christians may be baptized in like as well if they liked to or could be baptized in a church. That is one of the common things between the movie and real life. Wrathgar and other characters showed a different point…show more content…
From Beowulf religion compared from real life, religion there is somewhat a comparison. It has some differences, but then some things in common as well. Religion is a part of the poem, movie, and as well real life. Beowulf is one of the types that don’t care about faith or anything having to deal with Christianity. He thinks that he is fine the way he is and thinks that baptism won 't give him protection. Beowulf is the opposite of the characters and is not going to deal with religion. Unlike other characters who have their faith and believe in God. Culture makes a huge impact on a person’s belief and makes them who they are. We see how it 's like for Beowulf and Wrathgar in the movie. They both have different thoughts, feeling, and opinions about religion and other as well. Along with an addition to the characters in the movie it kind of shows the different cultures of each person and as well if they are Christians or not. It emphasizes their beliefs about things that happen. Culture is very important in the way a person thinks and

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