The Salem Witchcraft Trials In New England

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Salem witchcraft trials started in New England and caused a lot of deaths and hysteria for the people of Salem, Massachusetts. Innocent women and men were hung just for being accused by their fellow friends and neighbors. Witchcraft in the 17th century was a big taboo that people feared. It started when a couple of girls from Salem encountered an African woman slave who knew about sorcery and fortune. After a few days, people noticed that they seemed different. When they were asked about it, they blamed the woman slave and two successful white women. After this incident, several accusers came up. They were typically young women that are slaves and lost one or both parents. The people they accuse are from wealthy upbringings, also women that are middle aged wives and widows. …show more content…

The accused are brought to trials, imprisoned, then and/or hanged. These trials are not fair and do not need proof. An accusation is enough to implicate an innocent person. Finally, by 1692, a suspension on the trials for witch craft was suspended by Governor William Philips of Massachusetts, some ministers, and clergy who believed that justice was not being followed. The accused were pardoned and

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