The Scarlet Ibis And Sucker Short Story

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The Scarlet Ibis and Sucker are two amazing short stories, you can put them in comparison and see that they have numerous similarities and differences. In these stories the two main characters never truly felt like they were part of their family. They were emotionally abused by their brothers which made them continuously feel like they didn't belong. In the end it drove these characters Doodle and Sucker to their death, or put a huge impact to their personalities. In what ways do these two stories, share these similarities, and what are their differences?

The short stories ¨The Scarlet Ibis¨ and ¨Sucker¨ are very similar to each other. When they both first came to be in their family/new family the two weren't ever called by their real names either they were called by their nicknames or selected a new name. Each short story bears a resemblance to their themes and conflicts. The main characters Sucker & Doodle both had …show more content…

In the story “Sucker”, sucker does not have an older brother, just an older cousin. Who moved in with them, which makes him consider Peter as his brother. In the story, “The Scarlet Ibis” Doodle has an older brother, his name was not mentioned. In “Sucker”, pete was obsessed with a girl and it made the two fight because that was the only person Peter thought he cared for. “The Scarlet Ibis” didn’t have a girl in it so there was nothing to cause the brothers to bicker. The main characters were totally different, Doodle had a disability and was younger than Sucker. The two main characters, Doodle and Sucker talked about there futures. Doodle would never have been able to make his future a reality because they knew what was in store for him. But Sucker, once talked about how ¨he was planning to be a trapper in Alaska, in two years.¨ (McCullers 9) The two short stories are incompatible because there unique difference which drives readers to be so captured by the

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