The Science: The Story Of Henrietta Lacks And Stem Cells

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In this book, it talks about a woman named Henrietta Lacks, and her cells were such an amazing experience for all scientists. It was such a shock of what they saw in her tests.
Henrietta Lacks was born on August 1st, 1920. Henrietta died of cervical cancer on October 4th, 1959, at the age of 31. Cells taken from her body were used to form the whole cell line.
What scientists have found out is that it is very difficult to keep human cells in the lab for a long amount of time and days. When it is removed from the human body, most of it will die immediately or reproduce a limited amount of cancerous cells from a 31 year old woman named Henrietta Lacks who cells never died.
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Gey’s lab assistant, Mary, She was hoping for her cells to die. Her cells started to double. She knew her cancer was very strong.
It was an amazing result, a scientific experiment that had never been done. The experiment that people thought wouldn’t happen at all.
The scientific inquiry is when you propose a question or theory and you build upon it through research, data and experimentations to find results about what are you working on. This relates to H.L because of the HeLa cells. The HeLa cells were one of this scientific inquiry that Rebecca stated.
The benefits of doing an experiment like this is that by doing research this way might be to make sure when people are sick, scientists can find and test more cures and medicine to provide for the world. The Lacks’s family didn’t get too happy when they discovered that their mom’s cells was being used for tests, because they were very worried that something might happen to

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