The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks Essay

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Rebecca Skloot develops the idea that poverty comes with many difficult situations, in the book, "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks". True, Henrietta and her family were poor, could barely afford their medical bills, and they didn 't get the extended care that they deserved. You will learn how being poor can change your life and what is done with it . In the book, Henrietta 's daughter, Deborah, has many medical problems and she has to spend all her money on not even all her medicine. Deborah states, "Truth be told, I can 't get mad at science because it help people live, and I 'd be a mess without it. I 'm a walking drugstore! I can 't say nuthin bad about science, but I won 't lie, I would like some health insurance so I don 't got to pay all that money every month for drugs my mother cells probably helped make". This explains how Deborah has to spend all her money on not even all her medication because she can 't even afford health insurance that will cover her medicine. African Americans who were …show more content…

Poverty also led the Lacks 's family to injustice for them and their mother 's cells because they simply couldn 't afford a lawyer. The book says, "So in attempt to get Hopkins to give them what they saw as their cut of the HeLa profits they made handouts about Henrietta Lack 's family being owed their due, and gave them to customers at Lawrence 's store". This illustrates that although Lawrence and Sonny couldn 't afford a lawyer, the next best thing was to spread the word, and also shows how they just had to make do with what they had. Rebecca Skloot shows how poverty was a major problem for the Lacks 's family in, "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks". Ranging from medical problems to being an easy target to having injustice. Maybe if the family wasn 't poor they would have been able to be rich and not have gone through so much about their mother 's cells. Maybe if they had money when Henrietta was alive none of this would 've

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