The Skin Im In Essay

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Imagine walking into a room and being instantly identified as a criminal. Imagine having to experience this in every room you enter. Imagine walking into a store and being watched, expected to be a thief or sometimes even expected to reveal a knife, gun or a bomb. When we meet new people, most of us look for differences rather than similarities. From young we are taught that everyone is different and that continually makes us associate others by these differences. We focus on these exact materialistic differences and rather than embracing them, we continually distance ourselves because of them. If I were to see this book 2 years ago, I wouldn't have read it. I would have thought of Obama as the leader of the free world and I would have ignored …show more content…

Because this book is a realistic fiction, it is very effective at putting its point across. Maleeka is bullied for being darker than anyone else in her school, but how it happens is what truly shocks the reader. Her new teacher Mrs. Saunders has a birthmark covering half her face. Despite being affected negatively by the mark throughout her life, she does nothing to stop a scene from unfolding in front of her. When she asks the class "What does your face say about you" one student darts out and yells "Maleeka's face says she needs to keep out of the sun". The class and Mrs. Saunders ignore the comment rather than addressing it and punishing the commenter who clearly hurt …show more content…

Poverty and discrimination affects both main characters but in different ways. Richard is ashamed of the pity he is getting and Maleeka is bullied because of what she wears. Both feelings will stay with the main character for the rest of their lives and that's what truly arises emotion in the reader. Richard was so determined to prove he had money, he told his class he would donate 15 dollars to the cause. If he had 15 dollars he probably would have given them in rather than buying himself the food he desperately needs to survive. Maleeka willingly did others homework and burnt down a classroom just to continue to be get

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