The Soloist Character Analysis

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“A true friend accepts who you are and helps you become who you should be.” Steve and Nathaniel proved that friendship and happiness can be real in the novel The Soloist by Steve Lopez. The way friendship is portrayed in the novel is unexpected in such a way that we don’t see it happen often in our daily life. It is important to our society because finding a true friend is really difficult to find. True friendship is hard to find now in days because we expect many things in return from other people. However, this novel teaches us that we shouldn’t expect anything in return because many people don’t have anything to give us back but just their company and support. Meeting someone unexpectedly and becoming close to them is something uncommon in our society now in days. However, Lopez demonstrate that it can happen. At the beginning of the novel we see how Nathaniel is playing his violin near the Beethoven statue in downtown Los Angeles, that’s when Steve Lopez sees him. “That’s when I see him. He’s dressed in rags on a busy downtown street corner, playing Beethoven on a …show more content…

It doesn’t matter how we are or what we have because we can always find a way to find a purpose to live. Like Nathaniel did, even though he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, he kept on doing what he loved to do and always had a shopping cart “Little Walt Disney Concert Hall – Beethoven” with him, which was all he needed to be happy. He did not need a big house or new clothes to demonstrate how happy he was and the potential he had to play music with his imperfect instruments. Also, this novel teaches us that friendship is something that is hard to find, but when we find it, it does not matter where, when, and who the person is. Steve found Nathaniel as he was going back to work and he saw potential in him, which lead him to construct a relationship with Nathaniel that then became a good

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