The Symbolism Of Pain In Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven

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Happiness is derived from surrounding oneself with family, those who love you unconditionally with support and compassion. A mother and father strive to provide several opportunities for their children along with encompassing them in secure feelings building them up for a future. Without a mother, stepmother, Virginia, and his true love Edgar Allan Poe spent his time taking care of others rather than being taken care of therefore eliminating necessary qualities and characteristics acquired from the obtaining of love. Edgar Allan Poe’s lost array of loved ones manifested his life portrayed throughout his short stories and poems through literary techniques. His short story “the Black Cat” and acclaimed poem “The Raven” utilize symbolism of the physical manifestation of his pain taken on through different forms while his actions simultaneously being influenced through the excessive amount of guilt he contains towards the death of his loved ones and the…show more content…
In both his short story “the Black Cat” and The Raven” the animals symbolized the physical manifestation of his pain showing to be somehow incurable and inevitable. Although, the pain was either inevitable or as shown in “The Black Cat” personally brought on through his own actions. On another topic both works showed the control his guilt obtained over his actions restraining him from initially killing more loved ones. Along with the important topics the use of gothic conventions assisted in dramatizing the effect and hold the pain and guilt obtained upon his life. Was it his survivor’s guilt that had control overall control of his life more so than
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