The Theme Of Insanity In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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One major idea in the play is Hamlet 's insanity, Hamlet 's madness begin after talking to his father 's ghost. Hamlet 's desire to avenge his father 's murder drives him losses his mind . Also, Hamlet is forced by the ghost and decides that he will " Put on antic diposition on." (Act 1, Scene 5) This is the main dramatic irony in the play as Hamlet not only in anger but in insanity as well. The main turning point for Hamlet 's madness when Hamlet facing his mother Gertrude and the conversation is : Gertrude: " Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended" Hamlet: " Mother, you have my father much offended" (Act 3, Scene 4) Hamlet and his insanity can be argued in many ways. Shakespeare displays two many ways; his abilitynof acting or his

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