The Tower Killer Charles Whitman Essay

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Charles Whitman “The Tower Killer” On the evening of July 31, 1966 Whitman went to study at his mother’s airconditioned apartment minutes later he shot and killed her. After returning home, while his wife was asleep, he stabbed her to death and wrote letters to whomever may finds her body. A day later, on August 1, 1966, Whitman, along with a collection of weapons and supplies stored in a trunk, entered the University of Texas tower, wearing overalls. During his climb to the tower’s observation deck, he fatally injured a receptionist and killed two innocent bystanders. Once he reached the deck, he began shooting at the people below. As students and faculty members begin to hear gunshots and see others struck, they begin to run for their lives not knowing that some of them would not make it out alive. Charles Whitman killed a total of fifteen individuals and wounded another thirty-one more. The Riot lasted …show more content…

Whitman knew that the abuse was wrong and hated his dad for it. Although when he got married he started to hit on his wife. Whitman struggled with social stress because he felt that he wasn’t successful and that he had somewhat let his family down but most importantly his dad. Alcohol and prescription drugs started to get the best of him. Kathy Leissner suffered from initiate Partner abuse and battered wife syndrome. Intima partner abuse is divided into two forms yelling and throwing; striking and hitting. Kathy experienced both. First it starts with the yelling and throwing things and as rage filled Whitman it became severe and the striking and hitting began. At some Point of time Kathy feared for her life. The battered women syndrome involves one of physical, sexual or serious psychological abuse. Kathy experienced Physical and to some extent psychological

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