The Trial Of Ruby Bates And Victoria Price

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Research paper Everybody knows the feelings of being falsely accused of something. Just imagine one false accusation that almost ended the lives of twelve innocent men. The Scottsboro boys were nine blacks boys boarding a train illegally just searching for work but got involved in more than what they expected. The following months and years for these nine boys were miserable and almost ended up in their near death. During the 1930’s, racism played a huge factor in almost ending the lives of nine black boys known as the scottsboro boys who were falsely accused of raping two white girls.
During the 1930’s white people looked down upon black people because they believed that all white people were better, and deserved more privileges. …show more content…

“One of the victims Ruby Bates had written a letter to her boyfriend stating, Those negroes never touched me or those white boys” (sorenson 7). Ruby Price wrote a note to her boyfriend not long after the accusations came out. The letter said that the black boys never laid a finger on her and that the rape never took place. Many now think that she was doing it just for attention. Knowing that the rapes never happened and that the accusations were false Victoria Price did nothing about any of it and let the boys be sentenced and almost put to death. Both Ruby Bates and Victoria Price had questionable lifestyles and were very unreliable (Sorenson 7). Ruby Bates had been described as an alcoholic and a cheap prostitute to attended to many black clients. Ruby Bates was once arrested for hugging a black man in public. Victoria Price was also a prostitute who attended to mostly black clients. Her and Ruby Bates were both overheard asking black men for services on the train that is one reason how the false rape accusations came into play. The Trials for the Scottsboro boys were very controversial and had many twists and turns throughout it. It is known as one of the most controversial trials in american history. And The stories of the boys did not match up (Bellamy). The Cases of the Scottsboro boys were almost pre determined the jury had basically already had their decisions made on what they were gonna do. The boys also had different stories (Bellamy). During the nine boys testimonials six of the boys denied the rapee entirely, but the other three accused claimed that the other six boys were the ones who raped the two white

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