The Way To Rainy Mountain Land Analysis

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How can one become one with their environment? Connection with one 's environment was always easier to maintain until the industrial age came into existence. With the birth of modern society came the birth of social responsibilities and burdens unknown to man. In “The Way to Rainy Mountain” and “A place for literature,” Barry Lopez and N. Momaday Momaday explain the impact of lands on its occupants. In “the white heron,” Sarah Jewett explains the feeling of reconnection with one’s inner voice though nature. In “The Way to Rainy Mountain” Momaday explains the connection between the Native Americans and the lands they held until they were forced out of it by the Americans. In “the white heron,” Jewett explains the feeling of reconnection with …show more content…

For example, Lopez notes that “human imagination is shaped by the architectures it encounters as a child,” and that “indigenous people tend to occupy the same moral universe as they landscape they sense”; Lopez choice of words like a “child” and “indigenous people” re-enforces how much land impacts humans, particularly those who pay attention to the land the most. Unlike everyday humans, a “child” is less likely to care about what society thinks and more likely to do what they believe is right in their moral sense, which has been influenced by their environment.Having squirrels throw nuts at my window and watching the sun go down with me gave me a true definition of friendship. A child is more likely to carry on the moral and the life he/she learnt from his childhood environment(just like I carried the true definition of friendship in my mind, just as indigenous people are likely to believe in their traditions and practice in which at the end they pass down to their …show more content…

Unlike humans trying to reconnect back to nature, we rather seem to want to create an artificial nature in our cage of industrious lives. Regrettably, this author 's call to save the environment has not been fully applied, as of today humans are still releasing toxins into the environment at the highest rate in history, occupying forests with building in the name of owning something, in places such as Antarctica, the polar bears are starving, even worst humans had it illegal to feed them while they are exploding and destroying their homes, the seas-fishes are iced up, just to name a few reasons why connecting back to nature is critical. Although green activists such as Ecosia have been working on restoring the environment, however, more needs to be done. We must see to it that nature bounces back to its full

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