The Yellow Wallpaper Gothic Analysis

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” tells the story of a young woman who is battling severe depression. The protagonist is essentially locked away for the summer as a cure for her psychological disorder(s) (Craig 36). Being locked in the house with the yellow wallpaper worsens her mental state and eventually drives her to insanity. Throughout the course of the story, the protagonist’s mental state noticeably declines; she claims there are people in the wallpaper and believes it is haunting her. Several Gothic themes are scattered throughout “The Yellow Wallpaper”; however, the protagonist’s isolation, the presence of insanity, and the occurring idea of supernatural elements are most prominent and can be used to justify “The Yellow …show more content…

From the beginning of the story, the narrator claims there is something queer about the house (Perkins 380). Throughout the story, she voices her concerns about the house. She claims she can “feel” something strange about the house (Perkins 380). The narrator believes that the paper looks at her with viciousness (Perkins 382) and says that it has eyes everywhere. She also infers that there are things about the wallpaper that only she knows about and they come into focus more each day (Perkins 380). The narrator convinces herself that there is a woman trapped in the paper who is trying to get out (Perkins 385). She also claims that the woman behind the paper shakes it in hopes to escape (Perkins 388). The narrator becomes obsessed with the ghostly woman, who is in the paper, and convinces herself that she too was once trapped in the paper and escaped. The narrator is determined to catch the creeping woman. She believes that there are others who are trapped in the wallpaper by night and are free during the day. The protagonist's fantasy about people in the wallpaper addresses the idea of supernatural elements in its most prominent form. Throughout the story, several Gothic elements are explored. The most prominent elements are isolation, insanity, and the supernatural. The eerie events that occur throughout the story and its literary elements of Victorian Literature develop “The Yellow

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