Theme Analysis: The Death Cure By James Dashner

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“The Death Cure” is an epic futuristic science fiction novel by James Dashner and the finale of the Maze Runner Trilogy. In this book, Thomas, Minho, Brenda, Jorge, and Newt journeyed together as they attempted to escape the corrupted government agency known as WICKED. In the meantime, the group cooperates with the Right Arm and fought WICKED for the cure that is suppose to annihilate the contagious and deadly disease called the Flare. In “The Death Cure”, James Dashner thoroughly engages his audience by descriptively illustrating Thomas’s growth and development as a round character. Thomas is the main protagonist who is “immune to the flare” (10). Throughout the story, Thomas experiences many tragical events that challenge his mortality, which make him develop kindness and appreciation for his friends; Thomas also becomes bitter and cold after the tragical deaths of his peers. As exemplified …show more content…

Rather than answering those questions, I feel like James Dashner purposely bypassed the issues that were driving us to insanity and destroyed our hopes for any resolution by detouring the issue. The frustration was shown when Thomas refused to restore his memories by removing the Swipe. Since his goal was to stop WICKED, why did he refused to restore his knowledge? Having this knowledge means WICKED’s defeat. The book was also unclear of how Teresa and Thomas are involved in making the Trials. Moreover, the book did not answer how does the Trials result in an uplifting cure. But don’t let my frustration interfere with the positivity of the story, it is still amazing and impossible to put down. The brilliance of “The Death Cure” is improvised in James Dashner’s choice of suspense and action in his use of the nightmarish grievers, which made an unexpected appearance in the final battle. If you’re a fan of science fiction novels, I undoubtedly guarantee that this book would make your jaw

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