Theme Of Conformity In Dead Poets Society

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In this thought to be peaceful universe, there are many individuals that are loved by many, except for one person; themselves. Most people do not grasp the true meaning of individuality, and do not appreciate how much power it gives. Without people expressing their own uniqueness, the whole world would be full of individuals that cave into the pressures of society; in other words conformity. These themes are portrayed in the novella Anthem by Ayn Rand and the movie Dead Poets Society directed by Peter Weir. In general, Anthem is teaching the importance of one’s actions in their governing society, but on the other hand, Dead Poets Society is teaching students to achieve one’s own happiness and not worrying about other people’s negative thoughts. …show more content…

It is reasonable to assume that people are fine without the capabilities of individuality because they have never gotten to experience it. In this society, people disagree and disobey everyday, but imagine if everyone had to accept everything they have been told. As an illustration, Equality 7-2521 runs away to start a new life and utters, “What is my life, if I am but to bow, to agree and to obey” (Rand 97). It is made clear to the reader that Equality 7-2521 understands that what he has been taught is what he has been waiting for in his lifetime; freedom. In Equality 7-2521’s society, there is no such thing as individuality, but when Equality 7-2521 learns about the incredible device, he sees that it provides power to the individual that is using it. Meanwhile, as Equality 7-2521 delves into his new home, he claims, “I shall live here, in my own house. I shall …show more content…

As well as Anthem, Dead Poets Society include some people that want to become an individual and not obey other people’s rules and regulations. To illustrate, in Anthem, their government does not allow unique names or personalities, but when the characters run away, they break all the rules and do what they please, correspondingly, in Dead Poets Society, Neil ignores his father’s demands about being in a play. The two concepts point out that people should choose their destiny whether if it is a job or a dream. For instance, when Neil wants to become an actor, his father strongly disapproves that dream and declares that he is going to be a doctor. Likewise, in Anthem, Equality 7-2521 is assigned to be a street sweeper because he is intelligent and the government saw that as a threat because his creativeness is seen as dangerous. Ultimately, Anthem and Dead Poets Society contain individuals that always have to follow the rules to make man successful and to fit in according to their

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