Theme Of Manipulation In Julius Caesar

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Manipulation in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar From a young age, children learn that their irresistible cuteness can be beneficial in getting their ways in a variety of situations. Once they learn where their parents’ weakness is, they soon find out ways to manipulate their parents to their advantage by smiling or batting their eyes. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, Cassius and Antony manipulate both friends and enemies by influencing them in a clever and deceitful way for personal gain while Brutus and Caesar become victims of the manipulation. Certain characters who are perceptive and aggressive are able to manipulate without hesitation, while other characters possess arrogance and nobility which makes them easy targets for manipulation. The tragic hero, Marcus Brutus, possesses morality and a deep loyalty for Rome which are noble traits to have, but in certain situations those same characteristics allow for others to easily manipulate him. In response to Cassius’s attempts to persuade Brutus, Brutus admits, “I love / The name of honor more than I fear death” (I.ii.94-95). By revealing his loyalty to Rome, Brutus shows his weakness to Cassius and allows for Cassius to use it against him. Although Brutus reveals his submissive nature to Cassius, Cassius’s natural ability to manipulate people proves why Cassius is successful in completing his own agenda. While trying to recruit Brutus for the conspiracy, Cassius asserts, “I have heard / Where many of

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