Theme Of Pride In The Scarlet Ibis By James Hurst

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Something that propels, ignites, rewards, destroys, improvises the mind and changes oneself – pride. Pride having a simple denotation of pleasure for accomplishing a certain task or satisfaction of one’s work who is close to you, often leads for the accumulation of dust on the connotation of the very noun. The inner workings and connotations of the word tend to fall on two spectrums with a fine line to cross over. Under one end of the spectrum, pride is a vanguard for the life of great heights and prosperity, but on the other end, pride consumes one and becomes a parasite that embodies the reason for it being a deadly sin and insidiously ruins one as well. In “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst, pride embodies a youth to do both of what …show more content…

Brother, just like any child or adult who was given praise, swelled up. Brother was determined that he would conquer all that was lacking in Doodle and there would be no disparities in Doodle compared to him or others shortly. All of Brother’s dreams and aspirations for his younger sibling came with a deadline and Brother thought all was to be taught and learned by the time Doodle could attend school. Days spun away and like a spell, it was only a week before Doodle begun leafing through books with other children, but he was immensely behind Brother’s schedule. Brother, too welled up with pride would not stop at any cost and still gave to hopeful thoughts that Doodle would be able to do all before the bells of school freshly rung. Brother still badgered on the lessons and Doodle, though exhausted, would continue them. Hopeful thoughts become hopeless to the some unfortunate, and Brother fell in just that. He realized that Doodle would not be able to finish the plans, that the deadline would not be met. Pride drowned him at a horrible moment and Brother had caused his own destruction along with others. A powerful storm was hovering above the two siblings as they finished the day’s lesson. Doodle, exhausted and still weak, trotted behind Brother but in spite, Brother ran away from Doodle. Perhaps it was what Brother needed, to abscond from the thought that the pedestal he had placed himself on was fumbling and frail. Doodle cried out to his brother to not leave him and tried to run after, but he tripped and couldn't get up. Brother left Doodle out in the rain and the storm that pounded and thundered away at Doodle. When Brother’s anger and spite evanesced, he stopped and waited for Doodle and eventually went back to his younger brother. He had simmered and had realized, but the realization hit him too late. The storm had taken Doodle far beyond where

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